The Grey Ghost rides again!
Credit where it's due...Eric is a stellar driver! He and that great trailer get along very well. I realize we're all waiting on parts to finish the job....and that's OK! Y'all got me ready for the Run For The Wall in May/Jun, 9700+miles later I was humbled and exhausted. If you have never ridden with 1200 of your brother and sister riders that you've never met?? GO DO IT!! Awesome experience! My tricycle has three names on the windscreen, I made pencil rubbings from the Sandbox Wall and have delivered one, so far, to the Gold Star Mom represented. GiGi and I weigh in around 1500lbs when loaded, mileage could be better but she's up too 37mpg 10 months into her duty with me. Power is NEVER an issue tho! Twist the wrist and GO! She continues to have DC power issues at the power port (rt side fairing) and the 4 way control levers on the bars. For local riding, I enjoy music from time to time ... that little toggle controls volume far easier than the three page selection to access on the nav screen. Even though I missed playing music for several months and throughout RFTW23, it really wasn't a big deal. I rode the central route with about 500 riders, we rode in 13 platoons with three or four truck/trailer combos following behind for casualty/breakdowns. I ain't nobody special. I'm a retired Sailor w/29yrs 10mo & 27days, 8 ships, 15 deployments, 3 wars. Married twice with three kids and four gkids. Survived a brain aneurysm two yrs ago <28% make it past 1 yr. Taught MSF for about 10 yrs, been riding since '81. I LOVE my tricycle (it's my second TGU)!! Thanks Destination!
Brad McGuire
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