Keep it Up!
Man no matter when I walk in, Nichole always greets me and makes me feel welcome. I recently brought in my RG for service and I've heard mainly negative stuff on this particular service department, like they are too backed up and you wont get the bike back in a decent time, and over priced. Well its Harley, I get it, its going to be expensive. Anyways, I needed a tire and called the service department, and Patrick got me in that day. I decided to do more work since it was there and I still got it back when I was told I would. Hell the tech even stayed after hours to finish my bike. I didn't get my bike washed like he said I would but he did say bring it back when I had time and they would wash it. No worries, I already washed it. Bottom line is the hole team in service kicks ass in my eyes and if it stays this way, My RG will be back! (Employee: Nichole Nash, Patrick Sharp)
Echo Falcon
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